Saturday, December 01, 2012

All I want for Christmas?

I’m a bit of a grumpy old Darcy at the moment:  had a tooth out a few days ago (of all the ones it had to be the one with the gold crown – reminds me of one of my favourite Steely Dan tracks “.. you throw out your gold teeth…” ), it remains as painful now as it was before it came out …hmm… did he take the wrong one out I wonder? On top of that the car wouldn’t start yesterday, so that is bound to be more pain (in the wallet). And then of course there is my football team and the little problem of the basket case owner with loadsamoney and no sense. Never mind, keep drinking the wine, and the whisky (for medicinal purposes, of course).

Oh well, at least its December so I get to have a chocolate every day from my Advent calendar.

And a chocolate a day means a record a day, that’s the way it works here now.    

First up is The Ballads, a West Coast (SanFran) harmony/ sweet soul group that formed in the early Sixties and had a number of releases through into the Seventies with little success. Four of those releases came out on the Venture label which was set up by MGM to feature Soul acts.

I’m really liking this one at the moment. Leon Ware and, latter day Supreme, Susaye Greene on writing credits (reading Susaye’s Wiki entry I see she shares a birthday with my mum). Warm vocals, tasty background harmonies and a memorable arrangement. The Ballads deserved some success with this one.


George said...

Currently listening to an Any Major Soul comp, then will listen to this...whilst having a cup of tea (no whisky or chocolates, it could ruin evening meal, and that wouldn't do)

Darcy said...

Supper time now so I'll raise a glass to that! :)