Sunday, December 23, 2012

Door #23

Over the holidays I have resolved to stop the incessant hunt for vinyl for a few days and concentrate instead on playing more of what I already have. I pulled out a handful of jazz albums this morning which I also intend to copy onto CD for mum.  

I've featured a track off this budget label Marble Arch album before. Until now the track here had passed me by, but it's on repeat right now.

"Flame And Frost" is a great title, not least because I think it perfectly describes the feel of this track. 

I close my eyes and imagine the driving rhythmic nature of the music as a perfect soundtrack to the masses rushing (or possibly shuffling) about doing their last minute Christmas shopping - including Mrs Darce.

And as I keep my eyes closed I relax and let the effortless cool of the music wash over me.

Sshhh! Don't tell Mrs Darce.

Sonny Stitt & Benny Green - Flame And Frost 1965            

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