Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Feel It Mini Advent-ure: Door 24

It's Christmas Eve! Another Feel It Advent-ure is over, already (albeit after a late start!). I know it's a cliché, but the days and years seems to go by quicker and quicker.

Although not the typical thing you would hear around here I couldn't resist posting a little of this EP today, a festive find in a second hand shop just 24 hours ago. It truly is enchanting.

The noise between tracks is a coin drop. These were not played on the average musical box you might have found on a lady's dressing table, but in disc musical boxes (I'm not sure I knew there was such a thing). Some were made for public places and were essentially “juke boxes”. The boxes were in the Roy Mickleburgh, of Bristol, collection. Mickleburgh's musical instrument shop was established in 1903 and is still trading today.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Enchanted Carols , released in 1966 on a Saydisc EP: 
Silent Night (played on a Polyphon 9 1/2” disc).
Good King Wenceslas (played on a Polyphon 22” disc with a glockenspiel attachment).

PS: I managed to fix my turntable. It got worse before it got better, I lost a channel altogether. But it seems OK again now.

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Feel It Mini Advent-ure: Door 23

It's Christmas every day for Lee Rogers. Unfortunately now I may have to wait until the new year to get my turntable fixed. It has developed a loud hum that I can't seem to fix. Some sort of earthing problem on the cartridge connections possibly.

So here is the picture of the 45 I had lined up...

... but I can only offer you a YouTube of it

Lee Rogers - You Won't Have To Wait Till Xmas  1965    

PS: You can easily wave bye bye to a couple of hours at a time listening to Soulhawk's channel on YouTube. A fantastic selection of soul music. 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Feel it Mini Advent-ure: Door 22

Nothing too racy late on a Sunday night...

(Nice jumper)*

*EDIT: I mean Karin's attire, not the record!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Feel It Mini Advent-ure: Door 21

If you are a regular here then you may know I have featured June Conquest before. In fact coincidentally the last time I posted a 45 of hers was exactly one year ago today. This may well be the last time I do feature her as her recorded output was meagre. But it was certainly a case of quality not quantity.

Here she is on Curtis Mayfield's Curtom label, it's first ever release from February 1968. Curtis would soon secure a national distribution deal for the label with Buddah but this 45 predates that deal and therefore it would have likely only got plays in the Chicago area. The release number – 8543 – is an odd number to have on a maiden release, it is thought it may have been the street number of the label's address. The other catalog number on the label CT-68-001 would seem to indicate this was the first ever track laid down at Curtom, the other side (the A side) bears CT-68-007. The only other two local releases shown on 45cat bear the numbers CT-68-005 , 006 , 008 and 009. CT-68-003 and 004 appear on the Thomas label (The Amazers) as does CT-68-010 and 011 (Saxie Russell). I wonder what happened to CT-68-002?

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Feel It Mini Advent-ure: Door 19

Around the world in a morning: Jamaica - Lebanon - Brazil – Switzerland - France - Zummerset.

Back in July I found a box full of singles and EPs from all over the world in a chazza (all in mint condition too). Heavy on the German unfortunately but it was well worth a detailed perusal. I would have taken a punt on a few more but at £1 a pop I limited myself to six which I was very happy with.

I can't begin to describe how great the Beirut EP is and it probably is my find of the year. This was one of a series of Musical Souvenirs released on Philips back in 1960. The back cover lists the other cities and countries covered in the series: London, Tyrol, Scotland, Ireland, Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam, Yugoslavia, Paris, Rome, Naples, Switzerland, Madrid, Berlin. I can't help thinking, in fact I'm sure, I found the real jewel in this series.

The EP features two tracks each from Rinda and Souad Hashem. Philips also issued the two Rinda tracks on a single in Finland of all places.

Playing this again just now has reminded me I really need to hunt down more of this style of music but finding it on vinyl will no doubt prove difficult!

The EP is so good I'm treating you to two of the four tracks.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Feel It Mini Advent-ure: Door 18

I bought a return!

Fifty years old! About the same age as a lot of my model railway stuff that I decided to sell recently. I thought it needed somebody else to appreciate it rather than just lying around in boxes. A bit sad to see a part of my childhood go but it was the right thing to do. Before it went I dug out the track, cleaned it up (turns out the best thing to clean it with is good old isopropyl alcohol, plenty of that in the house as it is of course the cleaner of choice for records), plugged in the 55 year old transformer, oiled the engines, and was instantly transported back to the sixties. Not so easy to kneel on the floor nowadays though.