Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Door #18

The blog has experienced a spike in hits today. On investigation the popular page is Door #15. Why? Not for the music it turns out, not even for the reference to Chelsea. No, many of my visitors today have one thing in common, they are Oldham Athletic fans and they are following a link to Door #15 (posted by an evident fan of Feel It, and Latics fan, in Thailand!) all for a picture of Jim Steel. Who is Jim Steel? Well, it must be the footballer in orange in the picture on the front cover of the Chelsea program who is obviously a Latics leg-end! (I've looked him up and he played for them between 1978 and 1983 and has been described as a big, aggressive centre forward - those were the days!).  

Just one small example of the power of the Internet!

From Door #15 back to Door #18, by way of Door #3! I don't normally do requests, but it's Christmas after all.

Here's another one from Brixton Cat.

Joe's All Stars - The Judge 1969

PS: Coincidences - I have said before that I love them. Here's another one: In 1982 while Jim Steel was still at Oldham Athletic, they appointed a new manager, and I'm sure many Latics fans would say he was their greatest ever - his name was Joe Royle. I therefore clearly have to dedicate this post to Oldham Athletic fans everywhere, thus ensuring another bumper day of hits here at  Feel It!  :)  


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