Friday, December 07, 2012

Door #7

It was a stay at home day today, waiting for a new gas cooker to be delivered. When it arrived the installer said he couldn't do it because there was something wrong with our gas meter. So no new cooker but a new gas meter instead! This new meter looks like it has come out of the ark. The old one was nice and compact, had a digital display, and was silent. The new one is none of those things and is, in fact, so big we can no longer completely shut the door of the cupboard it’s housed in. Not exactly progress.  

On the positive side while I was hanging around I did a bit of a record filing and reorganizing, and in the process dug this little Stax nugget out of the I-M box.

It has that irresistible slinky Memphis groove. Jump up, grab your partner, or your favourite tipple, or the cat, engage a slow wiggle, and shuffle around the sofa, or the kitchen table, or the Christmas tree.

PS for Ally: sorry, chocolate in tummy again.


davyh said...

Nice turntable pic Darce, if I may say so - I always struggle to get those in focus, in good light.


Darcy said...

The trick must be to use an old camera in poor light :)

These are taken with our old 4megapixel Fuji FinePix (the one that stopped working on the 1st day of our trip to New York 5 years ago, and refused to work again for about 18 months afterwards), macro setting and flash. I like to stay on the leading edge of technology! :)

davyh said...


drew said...

God that is good.