Thursday, December 13, 2012

Door #13

Lucky Dip.

Top drawer Soul of a deep and Southern variety. Recorded sometime in the early 70s is my guess.

I can find no background info on Betty Bibbs. She has an entry on SirShambling (as she quite rightly should), but even the good Sir can shed little light on her, and the link on her page, that tantalisingly hints at more info, is broken. It seems her real name may be Betty J Batiste. A quick Google search led me to a Facebook page for a Betty J Batiste which looked promising, but I'm not on Facebook. A bit more Googling tells me that Betty Batiste is not that unusual a name so the hunt for more information on her will likely be a long one.       

Unfortunately I think my copy of this 45 (on just this side - darn!) is pressed fractionally off centre, although Betty's superb vocals seem to cut through that problem.

Betty Bibbs - First Come, First Served 197?

PS: Piccie above was taken mid spin, I didn't know I could do that without it blurring!  


davyh said...

Curse this Advent Calendar format, these are coming at me faster than I can keep up with - I've got a backlog to download and listen to!!

Marc said...

Betty Bibbs' dad is M.C. Reeder,the flamboyant owner of the legendary 'T-99 Club' in Osceola,AR.

B G: Were you the youngest?
S R: Well you know what,with my dad I couldn't tell ya! (laughing).The only thing I could tell you is that I was very close to him more than any of the other kids.I've got a half sister named Betty Bibbs,well let's see she's Betty Bibbs,Batiste,Morris,Service,oh Benson.I forgot that one and Reeder that's her maiden name and she's a singer in L.A.

(Source :'M.C. Reeder's T-99 Club' / Interview with Stella Reeder by Bill Greensmith in 'Blues Unlimited' # 144 - Spring 1983 - p 22)

Darcy said...

Davy: and you have just reminded me I have a backlog of chocolates.

Thanks for that Marc! More grist to the research mill.

drew said...

That is a tune Darcy.

I have a copy of Ace Spectrum Don't Send Nobody Else which is off centre, every so often I try to listen to it but have to turn it off.

Marc said...

My brother is on Facebook.He let me have a peek.There's only pictures of family and friends.

Meanwhile I stumbled onto an R & B gal named Betty Jean Morris.

Betty Jean Morris - 'Shack Daddy' / 'I Ain't Gonna Mambo' (Capitol 3296) - 1955

'Shack Daddy'

'I Ain't Gonna Mambo'

I don't think it's our B.But then you never know?

The hunt is still on!

marc said...

Sad news!

Betty J. Bibbs passed away April 8,2009 in Compton,L.A. County,California.