Sunday, December 09, 2012

Door #9

I make door to door deliveries in our area for the local Wildlife Trust magazine. Today I also delivered a round for someone else who was ill. I want their round, it was truly a wildlife experience. First I get to deliver to a Lord Bearpark. Then, at another house, as I was posting the magazine through the letterbox, I realised I was being watched - inside, looking straight at me, there was a life sized zebra wearing large green sunglasses! Truly surreal.  

Back to Earth, except not exactly, here is something perfectly suited to a quiet Sunday evening in by the fire.

Gloria Lynne - Out Of This World 1965      

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bristol zebra said...

Well the natural camouflage doesn't work terribly well round here dahling, so one has to resort to other measures. Besides, they're so very chic don't you think?

Darcy said...