Sunday, December 02, 2012

Door #2

Behind door #2 we have another NOLA based label that doesn’t scan well!  

Here’s a great double sided slab of R&B slanted Soul from Bobby Powell. Everything I know about Baton Rouge native Bobby I read here (how I miss the Brown Eyed Handsome Man! J )

I bought this 45 recently from a, by all accounts, legendary UK based Northern Soul dealer who has just moved into semi-retirement due to ill health. I suspect it had occupied his garage (or wherever he stored his records) for more years than it had spent in its place of birth. Something I find fascinating.

Buy Into My Own Thing (You may have heard the term "Rip Off Britain". Here is an example - the CD linked is issued by Westside a UK based company. On Amazon UK it is c£21 on Amazon USA it is correctly described as an import and is only c$16. Huh?!) 


ana-b said...

A great tune.

Powell recorded it twice. The second version is a bit slower, a bit funkier....although I personally prefer the version you've posted.

I'm pretty sure it's the b-side of Whit 6908, the flip being the killer track, "Peace Begins Within".

ana-b said...

Oops, forgot to say that I was speaking of "Question" above. Of course "Just A Matter Of Time" is good are many Bobby Powell tunes.

Darcy said...

Hi Ana,

Yes when I saw Question on a list I was initially confused when I saw there were two releases. But this is the version I prefer too.