Friday, October 17, 2014

Lefty love

Swinging back into motion here again after a very enjoyable holiday in Turkey.

Barbara Lynn Ozen pumped out around 40 singles between the early ‘60s and late ‘70s and I love her. She is still very much active on the circuit too.

Barbara is left handed. So am I. So is Mrs Darce – and I love her for real!  

A curious 45 this. The B side is billed as Lonely Heartache but in fact plays Unfair. The wax, as opposed to the label, is correct I think as there are copies around that do bill it as Unfair.  A flip side in more ways than one as it is definitely not in keeping with the sentiments of the A side, or this post, but hey, I’m a vinyl junkie and it’s a side well worth hearing, so here it is: