Friday, December 21, 2012

Door #21

First this blog is linked on an Oldham Athletic fan forum(!) and now I'm honoured to be featured on WFMU's Beware Of The Blog. I tell you, you ought to stick around, this blog is going places!

Seriously, a big thanks to Doug for the "shout out" on Beware Of The Blog.

It's the traditional annual local pub crawl for me tonight, kicking off in about 90 minutes time. There will be plenty of Christmas parties happening tonight too I expect. I know my daughter is at one. So we better have some party music.  

Here is something of a curiosity. The Cimarons were a UK based reggae group active from around 1967. Here they cook up a generally faithful version of The Fatback Band's "Wicki Wacky". It works well and I particularly like that guitar motif running throughout the track. Referring to 45cat it seems this 45 was released twice, with the A and B sides being flipped. No mention of the Fatback Band members in writing credits I notice.

Cimarons - Wicki Wacky 1975

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