Friday, April 08, 2016

Check me baby...

... because I am still here! 

Oh dear! Nearly another month has gone by since my last post. But, yes, this blog is still alive, albeit crawling into its second decade. An intermittent service may still continue for a couple of months - I'm feverishly busy at work at the moment and by the time I get home usually all I want to do is sit down and vegetate in front of the TV, or idly browse on my new tablet - not my normal mode I have to say.

I'm not short of music to share, but I am short of time to listen to it and research a few words to say about it.

Here is another 45 from the little stack I was so glad to find at a local record fair a few weeks ago. This one was a bit of an impulse purchase I have to say, and not nearly as cheap as the others. I usually set myself tight limits on what I'm willing to shell out on records, and in truth get a real buzz from finding great sounds for peanuts. In this instance, however, I let curiosity take its course and dug into a box of more expensive 45s to see if what lay in the grooves could honestly justify the price tag. The answer generally was no it couldn't - at least not to me - except for this Peacock 45, the one and only record Willie Tomlin released as far as I can tell. The lyrics are just great fun and had me hooked straightaway. (I didn't spend a fortune on it, just a bit more than I usually would consider).     

I can't tell you anything about Willie Tomlin, except that he's one cat that's clean!

Willie Tomlin - Check Me Baby  1968

... and he was almost certainly inspired by this: