Friday, December 28, 2012

PK: a kindred spirit

Hang on - it's Friday. Holiday time always throws me. Hope you had/are having a good one. 

The eagle eyed among you may notice that the initials PK appear on the label of this record. The same initials appeared on the Cimarons 45 I featured a few days ago, although that would have been almost impossible to spot. 

The holidays are allowing me to catch up with records I picked up out in the wild this year and I have a whole batch with the initials PK on them. All from the mid 70s and all top notch soul and funk. I think I remember the boot sale and the box these came from now and that I left quite a few others behind because I already had them. PK was obviously a kindred spirit.

Today's track is a beautiful slice of mid paced soul, the B side of "Honey Bee", and the side in my opinion. It was originally released in 1972 and reissued on EMI International in 1975. 

Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon - I Don't Know Why 1972    

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