Monday, December 03, 2012

Door #3

I promised more from my recent hat trick of Reggae/Ska album finds. I picked up “Brixton Cat” for the princely sum of 15p at a car boot. Whoa! The only shame is that the previous owner tried to peel the sticker off the front cover. I would have been perfectly happy with an intact big yellow 19/11. Never mind.

As the back cover says: “Joe’s All Stars present their first album for your dancing pleasure”. That’s Joe Mansano, featuring here, ladies and gentlemen, the great Rico Rodriguez, MBE.

Ethereal, and hypnotic….

Joe’s All Stars – Reco’s Torpedo 1969   (link corrected)

(you may have to crank this one up a bit, it's a quiet pressing). 


John said...

Link is to previous Bobby Powell track.

naguiar2003 said...

Where's Reco's Torpedo?

Darcy said...

Sorry about that. Thanks for leeting me know. Link should be ok now.

John said...

Thanks - link is fine now - great track - gonna post anymore from the LP?