Monday, July 20, 2015

RIP Mum 1926-2015

Mum passed away last week. She was peaceful in the end, at home, and I was by her side.

Around ’74 - ‘75 mum would have heard this track, and the album it comes from Last Days And Time, a lot around the house as it was (and still is) a great favourite of mine.

Something approaching normal service should return hereabouts soon.    

Friday, July 03, 2015

Parish Notices

My Box account seems to be screwed up. It is not doing its monthly bandwidth limit reset so downloads are not possible. Anybody else had this problem? Anybody know of any good alternatives to Box nowadays? For now I have done the simple thing and created a new account. The Andy Butler track link has been updated in my previous post so should be fully functional now, as should others posted from now on. Unfortunately, unless my original account sorts itself out older track links will be available as stream only.


On an altogether more serious note I will tell you that my mum has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She has not been well all year and since the diagnosis a few weeks ago her decline has been frightening, and rapid. Mum is 88 and has had a good and full life but in all probability this month will be her last with us.

I am sure you will understand that in the circumstances posts here will be thin on the ground for a while.