Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #9

This one dropped through the letter box today. I find it insanely catchy.

Lynn White was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1953 but her recording career didn’t start until 1977. At the time Lynn was working in Ike Darby’s record shop in Mobile. Ike had a song Blues In The Bedroom and to try it out asked Lynn to sing it. That song would be the B side of Lynn’s first single on Ike’s own Darby label. That was the start of a recording career that lasted into the 90s.

Lynn has got a really good voice. Unfortunately, by the end of the 70s Soul’s golden age was over,  and its currency sort of retreated back to the Southern states and the Blues circuits. To think that if Lynn had started her singing career 10-12 years earlier, which would have been possible (Betty Wright started at 15), she could have been a really big name because she had the pipes, and was certainly popular in her own back yard in the 80s.

Lynn disappeared from the recording scene in the 90s and from a few tidbits I found during a quick search it seems she married Ike Darby, and later became a Pastor. I found the recent picture of her (I’m certain it is her) here.

This was also released on Darby. The label states it comes from the album Too Much Woman, which would appear to have been released in 1981 on Willie Mitchell’s Waylo label. So I’m not sure where this Bust-Out release fits in. 


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your Advent series- some gorgeous tracks (as always!) Thank you

Darcy said...

Thanks for the comment Rob. Glad you like it around here.

Marc said...

The 'Am I Too Much Woman For You?' album was never (re)issued on the 'Waylo' label.
I saw Lynn White performing alongside Otis Clay,David Hudson,Ann Peebles and Willie Mitchell while they were touring Europe as the 'Memphis Soul Night'.

'I Didn't Make My Move Too Soon' is an answer song to B.B. King's 'You Made A Move Too Soon'

Keep up the good work,

Marc said...

My 45RPM of 'I Didn't Make My Move Too Soon' is on DARBY 515 (1979).


Marc said...

I tracked her down last year.

A Word For Life Int'l Ministries


Marc said...

Correction:The original B.B. King tune's entitled 'Never Make A Move Too Soon'

Darcy said...

Thanks for all the info Marc. Yes, i'm sure the Darby release of this 45 was the original, and thanks for the link to AWFLIM. So Lynn is definitely still preaching it seems.