Friday, December 05, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #5

Desert island discs? I don't like being pinned down with such questions. The list would tend to change over time. But there is a fair chance this one would be installed on the juke box.(There would have to be a juke box on any self respecting desert island.)

It could almost be said that Zodiac was Ruby Andrews label, inasmuch as 15 of the 25 known 45s released were hers. (Incidentally, referring back a couple of days, the same could be said about the Whit label and Bobby Powell). 

Ruby Andrews - Hey Boy (Take A Chance On Love)  1968


drew said...

It has to be Just Loving You for me, goosepimples every time.

Ravel said...

Always a great lady to hear here.
Thanks for what you share !! (even if I don't write often, I come every week !).