Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #23

This year’s calendar has almost run its course. I hope you have enjoyed what’s been behind the doors.

Door #4’s offering prompted me to dig out Carol Grimes’ 1975 album that featured her version of Uphill Peace Of Mind. It’s easy for the majesty of that track to overshadow the rest of the album, but there are in fact a number of other strong tracks. Recorded in Nashville and Memphis it is essentially a soul album. Bettye Crutcher and Frederick Knight appear in the writing credits of many of the songs, and Lewisham lass Carol is joined on the album by, among others, The Memphis Horns and Duck Dunn.

At the risk of topping out my monthly bandwidth quota I’m only posting one track, although I would have liked to have posted more to give a better flavour of the album. In the end, as it is a time to be merry, I have plumped for the bit of fun that is Dynamite, co-written by Duck Dunn who is also playing the bass guitar on the track.  

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