Monday, December 08, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #8

Some Deep Soul for Monday.

Just look at the credits on this one! Written by Sam Dees and Frederick Knight, produced by Major Lance and Otis Leavill. Satisfaction guaranteed. Killer title too. 

It's amazing to think this got a UK release really. The A side is a great little mover, not quite Northern, shades of Philly, sort of pre Disco, which is why, I guess (and it's worthy of a post in its own right). But this B side is the one I heard first, probably around 10 years ago now in my early days of virtual digging on the internet. I finally secured a copy at a good price earlier this year.

Barbara Hall - Drop My Heart Off At The Door  1975      


Ravel said...

InTeNsE ! Thanks !

Ravel said...

BTW,it reminds me of Cry To Me, from Loleatta Holloway. Subject matter is similar and the strong way on singing.
Thanks again !

Darcy said...

Hi Ravel. Good point re Cry To Me - I love that one too, and it also has Sam Dees in the writing credits.

Ravel said...

Ah, interesting !