Monday, December 01, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #1

I can't believe another year has gone. It's December already so that means it's time for another Feel It Advent-ure. A post a day (if I can keep up!). 

I've bought too many records again this year, and this a good time to take proper stock. 

Don't expect too many words, I'll let the music do the talking. Look out for some bonus chocolates off the tree too over at my occasional other blog The Hi-Fi Cabinet Of Curiosities.

Behind the first door we have Johnnie Taylor - one of my favourite singers who I have neglected for too long. This is his take on The Parliaments I Wanna Testify.

Pretty ugly drill hole through this one, but the grooves are nice and minty.

Johnnie Taylor - Testify (I Wonna)  1969     

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charity chic said...

Looking forward to this series Darcy - you have just brightened up my December!