Thursday, December 04, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #4

Good songs attract covers. Frederick Knight wrote Uphill Peace Of Mind and included it on his 1977 album Knight Kap. Before that it did appear on a US 45 on the tiny Castle label in 1976. His was not the original version though. Both The Gospel Truth and UK's own Carol Grimes both recorded and released versions in 1975. Both versions are superb and are far superior to the much sampled 1976 version by Kid Dynamite in my book. I would post both but bandwidth worries are already kicking in. 

For Carol Grimes version Youtube is of course your friend. Here, I believe, is the original version by The Gospel Truth. Produced by Mille Jackson. So good it's frightening.

The Gospel Truth - Uphill Peace Of Mind  1975 

PS: If you hunt around you will find a chocolate on the tree (in truth a record on the turntable) over at The Hi-Fi Cabinet Of Curiosities.       

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