Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #11

Sometimes I start thinking I’ve found all the great old Soul music there is to be found. What?! Yes, I know, I’m deluded if I really think that.

Here’s another old group I have never paid any attention to before. I’m sure I must have seen their records in lists but they certainly hadn’t registered with me.

The Vibrations started out as The Jayhawks in the 50s and this North Bay 45 was issued as the sun was going down on their recording career in ‘72/’73. They performed under a number of different names in their time including, for one single on Neptune, the Vibrating Vibrations - that's a wonderful name.

They had numerous 45 releases but judging by this article many of them were in styles – dance records following the early 60s craze, and then straight pop - the group weren’t comfortable with. It wasn’t until ’67, coinciding I think with a hook up with Gamble and Huff, they starting recording material that really did them justice.

Although released in late ’72 it is possible this track was laid down in the late ‘60s. I love it, and after a Vibrations Youtube trawl I have found a few of their other later 45s that are now well and truly installed on my wants list.

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