Monday, April 05, 2010

Tapping My Feet #13

Bank Holiday Mondays...

In the Sixties I remember watching news footage of Mods & Rockers fighting it out on the beaches of England.

In the Nineties it was the local park when the children were young ("can we go to the wobbly bridge please").

Now it's shopping in Ikea and Garden Centres - or even better just staying in and avoiding all the traffic.

For a time in the late Seventies/early Eighties it was "All Dayers"....

Baby O - In The Forest 1980

(A fresh batch of adverts on UK TV is plundering the Disco and Soul archives again. M&S are going with Cheryl Lynn and Adidas with the magnificent Dee Edwards (my chances of buying this 45 for a reasonable sum are now even less!). Perhaps Center Parcs could use Baby O - then again maybe not, it's probably a bit too frantic for the image they would want to portray).    


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