Friday, April 09, 2010

Tape Tennis + Bonus

Finally dragged myself away from the sunshine. What a beautiful day!

I read this week that, for the second year running, vinyl record sales increased. Inexplicably sales of VHS video tapes also increased. But what about the humble cassette tape I wonder?

 Lovely Ally over at dustysevens posted a side of an old John Peel Show mixtape the other day.
I noticed that it included a couple of tracks from an Echo & The Bunnymen session from 1979, including Villiers Terrace.

I’ve got that track and others from that session on a JP mix tape too!

To think that Ally and I were doing the old two finger shuffle at the same time one evening in 1979. And how many other people too, I wonder?

So transcribed from 1 7/8ips to 128kbps for your listening pleasure is side 2 of my mix tape from the winter of ’79. (Be patient and you will hear the man himself right at the end).

John Peel mix tape – Winter ’79 – Side 2 (mp3)

If some of you are wondering where all the Soul has gone hereabouts, fear not it’ll be back next week.

Oh go on then, have this random pick to be going on with..

Major Lance – That’s The Story Of My Life 1972    


davy h said...

Brilliant!! Now we can take the mp3 of Miss Ally's side and the mp3 of your side and make a new cassette tape! How flippin' post (post) post-Modern would that be, eh?

Blimey, I'd forgotten all about Boots tapes. I've just had a rush you might describe as Proustian.

PS: You and Ally and the two finger shuffle one evening in 1979? Filth!

Darcy said...

Ha! Ha! very good.

The Boots tape design is really good. From back in the day when Boots wasn't just a shop for girls.

And going back to the dawn of the 70s I spent my formative years musically speaking in the Boots listening booths.

PS: When you put it like that - filth indeed. I must choose my words more carefully. (I don't know about a dustyseven wot's the betting ally is a duskyten! :-)

davy h said...

She'll be in and there'll be trouble. Quite rightly I might add.

Darcy said...

Perhaps I had better go and watch the golf.

davy h said...

Might be best.

Robert Cass said...

VHS tape sales are up? Is that just in the UK? Then again, with this global recession, I'm sure thrift-shop sales are up in general.

I love seeing old cassette covers like the one you posted.