Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another return

I promised I would get back to some Soul but there I was struggling to decide exactly what - possibly because I’m spoilt for choice. So I had a little break and read a few of my favourite blogs, one of which is dustysevens. That made up my mind. So here, for the second time running, is an answer post to Ally at dustysevens. I’m not stalking you Ally – honest!

Ally has just posted a couple of Terry Callier compositions as performed by The (mighty mighty) Dells. Those songs had both been recorded by Terry Callier himself and appeared on his “What Color Is Love” album. Ally wondered whether The Dells had covered any other Terry Callier songs.

Well, I’m not sure they covered any other songs that Terry actually recorded himself, but he certainly penned a number of songs for The Dells at the dawn of the Seventies.

Here are two. Both beautiful, gorgeous, moving.

(In common with one of the tracks Ally featured these two tracks were on The Dells album "Freedom Means", and "Free And Easy" is another great track on that album)

The Dells – The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind) 1971

The Dells – It’s All Up To You 1971

(Excuse the pops and clicks in the intros, but they were dollar bin records).


Raggedy said...

I never heard "It's All Up To You" before. Nice, very nice -- reminiscent of the 5th Dimension's style (somehow.)

ally. said...

oooh lovely - these are going to brighten up the washing up later. ta very much.
and i'm still sticking with seahorse (even though you're obviously right about the chess piece thing)


Anonymous said...

"It's All Up To You" has always been one of my favorite tracks by the Dells. Haven't heard since the 70s. Didn't know it was a single. Great hearing it again.

Thanks for sharing,