Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring crackers

Two 45s for you today.

(sorry, the scanner didn't like the Casblanca label) 

They have two things in common. Firstly I can link both back to previous posts here at Feel It. You can find more on the wonderful Gloria Scott here. “Just As Long As We’re Together” is another unmistakable Barry White production and was, I think, planned to be a track on her follow up album to the magnificent “What Am I Gonna Do”. The album never materialised and Gloria disappeared from the music scene. A sad loss.        

I haven’t been able to turn up anything of a back story on Frankie Newsome. Nor for that matter the credited writer of “Coming On Strong, Staying Long” – Zono Sago. However the label Sagport can be linked back to a previous post of mine where there is a little bit of info on the arranger Jim Porter. Sagport is shorthand for Zono Sago and Jim Porter. Jim Porter also gets his name in lights - as Jay Pee  - on this single

The other thing these two records have in common? They are both cracked. Luckily both only have, what I believe in the trade is termed, a “tight crack” (oo er Mrs!) so they play perfectly well. The Gloria Scott 45 looks generally pretty beat up but plays ok – and it only cost 25p at the car boot sale a couple of weeks ago. The Frankie Newsome 45 was even cheaper, in fact it didn’t cost me anything! I had bought a couple of other singles and the seller threw this in for free as it was cracked. Can’t be bad!    

So why should Christmas have the monopoly on crackers, here are two Spring crackers for you!  

Gloria Scott - Just As Long As We're Together 1975* (*UK release date)

Frankie Newsome - Coming On Strong Staying Long 1972?


davy h said...

Goodness me but I love Gloria.

Darcy said...

Davy, I remember how taken you were with Gloria, I was willing to put money on you posting the first comment.

davy h said...

Ah, you know me too well.