Thursday, April 01, 2010

A double shot

Bunny Maloney - Baby I've Been Missing You 1976

It’s been a funny old week (and a bit). I was laid low by something for a few days last week. Don’t know what it was, although Mrs Darce seemed to be sure: man-flu. And I was given some helpful advice: man up!

As far as I was concerned it was serious though because it left me with no desire to turn the computer on or even listen to music. As for this blog, well I was put right off my stroke, and this is the first tentative step towards getting back in the groove.

Before I was so rudely interrupted I had been on a bit of a Reggae fest. I’m picking up where I left off and also linking back into the Soul field.

Digging deep in my boxes on my search for Reggae I dug out this 45 by Bunny Maloney. I noticed the writing credit was Jackson/Yancey. Those names rang a big bell but I had to jump onto the Internet to jog the memory. It transpired that I think I knew those names from writing credits on Natalie Cole songs. What I don’t believe I knew before though was that Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancey (as a musician) had once been in the group The Independents and “Baby I’ve Been Missing You” was originally a top 10 R&B hit for them in the early Seventies.

(While we are on the trivia trail I also learned that… Chuck Jackson is the brother of the Rev Jesse Jackson … Marvin Yancey was also a Reverend… Marvin and Natalie Cole were husband and wife for a time. I wish I could tell you more about Bunny Maloney but info is scarce on him).    


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Raggedy said...

Welcome back from your black hole! I love this song! I had no clue either that Chuck Jackson (whom I adore) was involved as a song writer in this piece. But I knew he was the brother of Jesse (whom I do not adore.) Chuck probably has done more for the cause of black people in the U.S. than big-mouthed Jesse will ever be able to ... Grrrrr! (Why did you have to mention Jesse? lol)