Monday, December 21, 2015

The Feel It Advent-ure 2015 #21

It has just struck me the ladies have been under-represented in this year's Advent-ure. So I'll go some way towards putting that right today.

Bettye Crutcher made her way primarily as a songwriter, and a very successful one too. You can find her name in the writing credits of many songs, especially at Stax. And if you find We Three in the credits that is her too in partnership with Homer Banks and Raymond Jackson. Johnnie Taylor's Who's Making Love was probably their biggest and most well known song.

Bettye had just one album in her own name, Long As You Love Me (I'll Be Alright). Released in 1974 on Enterprise (and amazingly it got a UK release too, on Stax) it is a great lost gem. Bettye had a hand in the writing, mostly alongside Sir Mack Rice, on all the tracks. It turns out Bettye also had a very pretty voice, not powerful, but perfectly suited to the material on the album which is a mix of ballads and slinky mid tempo numbers. Deep and sophisticated in equal measure, there is a real cohesion to the album. It should be on everybody's list of top 10 Soul albums of all time in my opinion.

PS It's a shame my copy is not in better shape. I really need an upgrade. This one, incredibly, was described as M- record and sleeve. It is not even close. It didn't even have an inner sleeve and was shipped in a flimsy envelope with no stiffeners. It was a miracle it got to me in one piece. Just about the worst experience I have ever had buying on-line. Not bought through ebay, but I did manage to extract a small partial refund, given with ill grace, from the seller. Should you find yourself contemplating a purchase from a UK seller who has a bulldog for a logo, think twice.

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charity chic said...

Bettye Crutcher!
Great name,great songwriter, great singer