Friday, December 11, 2015

The Feel It Advent-ure 2015 #11

It's Friday, it's double header time. This 45 by The Artistics should have been a big hit in my opinion, but did nothing. The Artistics were a wonderful group and had a great lead singer in Marvin Smith, who I've featured here before on more than one occasion. Marvin was in and out of the group during their Brunswick years but in this interview he confirms he was featured on The Articulate Artistics and What Happened albums. Just look at all the big names in the credits on this 45 - Carl Davis, Eugene Record, Barbara Acklin, Sonny Sanders, Willie Henderson - top drawer Chicago. The guitar places it very much at the end of the 60s, and The Four Tops come to mind on Walking Tall.

My copy has had a few plays but the wear can't detract from the music, which oozes class.    

The Artistics - What Happened  1969

The Artistics - Walking Tall  1969

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drew said...

In my book as well, this should have been a hit