Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Feel It Advent-ure 2015 #17

And so my team are back on the manager merry-go-round again. Have they done the right thing in relieving our beloved Jose of his duties? Who knows?, the team have been terrible this season and something isn't right. But I thought owner and manager together had a common goal this time - stability, a dynasty. Gone now. I've supported Chelsea for nearly 50 years now - passionately - but I find myself strangely ambivalent to their fate this time, I'm getting tired of all this. 

The Mad Lads - "Gone"! The Promises Of Yesterday  1971

See you again in a few years Jose, maybe.


charity chic said...

It's all a bit of a circus nowadays D!arcy
Bring back Chopper Harris and Charlie Cooke!

Darcy said...

You're right there.
Bring back Ossie!