Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Feel It Advent-ure 2015 #12

X Factor on the tele was my cue to move into the record room.

Something prompted me to pull this Fat Larry's Band album out the other day, but I can't remember what it was now. It's called Feel It! I must admit I had forgotten that, and before you ask, no, this album was not the prompt for the title of this blog, but it does contain two tracks I do really feel.

The lyrics to Center City may be banal in the extreme but the rise and fall of the song and the chorus just get me every time. This one is for all of you in the City Centres today - whether it was shopping or partying.

Fascination is a great soulful and funky reworking of the David Bowie track, ooh those horns.       

Brings back memories of my early DJing days.

Fat Larry's Band - Center City  1976

Fat Larry's Band - Fascination  1976

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drew said...

When I was an apprentice joiner one of my tradesmen was a big 70 soul fan, the other was a country fan and singer, pretty rough looking with the voice of an angel, an angel that smoked 40 a day and drunk a bottle of Black Bottle. Anyway we were erecting a roof and as usual when Our Tune came on the tranny we had to stop for a few minutes and listen to the guff! This day it was Zoom by Fat Larry's Band and big John had a tear in his eye, on account of it was his and some fraulein's song when he worked over in Germany. I shit you not, Eddie (the country guy)n verified it. Until now that is the only Fat Larry's Band track I had knowingly heard.