Friday, February 21, 2014

The Friday doublet I chose...

… groan! Sorry about that. For my punishment I will let you think of me wearing this outfit every Friday from now on, I deserve it!

I have a particular affinity for The Whispers, and for the Soul Clock label. They were featured here some years ago. The affinity initially, I think stems, from their 45 “The Time Will Come”, which was one of the earliest soul 45s I bought – blind from a list, no Internet or YouTube back then. That would have been a few years before their big UK disco hits. I liked the look and name of the label and when they hit it big in the discos in the late seventies I think it would have been the first time that it really hit me that acts that were new to the UK charts, and appeared new to the scene, were anything but and had in fact been paying their dues, and releasing records, for many years.       

“The Time Will Come” and the A side of the 45 here “Great Day”, which was The Whispers first release on Soul Clock in March 1969, both have an almost doowop feel to them and they sound as if they could have been released earlier than ’69. I probably bought my copy of “The Time Will Come” around ’75, so not long before “And The Beat Goes On” for example. So it was the marked difference in style of those records from the same group but from different eras that really hit home and left me with an enduring soft spot for The Whispers, and the Soul Clock label.     

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