Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Friday - mine's a double

How easy it is to slip into a routine. The last couple of Friday posts have featured both sides of a 45 and here we go again – I think we have a Friday feature. 

As with those other Friday posts this 45 has one side aimed at the feet and the other at the, well, let’s say, lips. That’s how it was for many soul 45s in the Sixties – all bases covered.

Here is Aaron Neville’s 1967 Par Lo 105 release. Which is the A side? Matrix numbers might suggest A Hard Nut To Crack and that is how it is generally listed, although the 22nd July 1967 edition of Billboard had Those Three Words being tipped for the Hot 100. Either way in the end as far as I can tell it didn’t trouble the Hot 100 compilers.

Right! Move those chairs to the side of the room and get your dancing feet on, and listen out for the "ain't that peculiar" piano line).  

Now for the Valentine’s Day moment. Sorry about the crackle, a bad pressing I think, but if you have moved onto the sofa in the lounge you can imagine an open fire in the hearth – as if those hot lips aren’t enough!

Incidentally, I notice there is a Youtube entry for A Hard Nut To Crack with a picture of the label showing it as Par Lo 104. I can find no reference to Par Lo 104 anywhere on the internet, not even Red Kelly's incredible Cosimo Code site (1967 page) has it listed. That's a puzzle that could indeed be a hard nut to crack!  


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charity chic said...

This does indeed merit a series Darcy!