Friday, February 28, 2014

Beaver brilliance

Well what happened to the week? I can’t believe it’s Friday already and time for another double header.

So who is a go to artist when time is short and I have to shoot from the hip?
Of course: Little Beaver.

A had a day off work on Monday as I was feeling pretty meh. I perked up a little as the day wore on and rather than remain completely idle I gave my soul (etc) 45s a long overdue tidy up. They are now fully alphabetised once more, and this has enabled me to go straight to my little collection of Little Beaver 45s (filed under L).      

To my ears the horns on A side of this 45 remind me of Mothership Connection era Parliament. This 45 predates that by about five years though.    

In my book Willie “Little Beaver” Hale is a genius. Pure and simple.


drew said...

I really like that Darcy.

My soul singles strangely are the only records not in alphabetical order. Not sure why. The first box has my favourites to the front of the left hand side but the second is just where ever I put them back in. Now you have got me thinking that maybe I need to put them in more of an order.

charity chic said...

I suspect you may get more posts than normal with a heading like that Darcy!

Marc said...

Hello Dave,

A PBS crew interviewed /filmed him for an upcoming documentary.

An interesting interview with Little Beaver was posted on the 'Long Play Miami' site.

Best Wishes,

Darcy said...

Drew: My filing system is quite complicated really. I have 4 boxes of mostly card sleeved 45s that I bought in the 70s, 3 are soul, 1 is punk and similar and a small section of reggae, all alphabetical in genre. Then there are the 6 boxes of soul/funk described above which are all more recent acquisitions. Then there are numerous other boxes and piles of 45s of everything else I have bought since the 70s. These are a mess and need some filing/thinning attention.
I was sparked into organising my soul/funk stuff as I was getting fed up of not being able to find anything and by two recent (not expensive) ebay purchases which I have just discovered I already had!
My albums are in a similar state.
Oh God! What an anal reply! :)

Charity Chic: It did cross my mind . Although so far no unusual spikes. I always think of an old American boss I had back in the 80s who would sometimes use the word in that connotation and would always snigger uncontrollably when he did.

Darcy said...

Many thanks for your comment Marc which I got in my email but weirdly has not appeared here, possibly because it links to a rival blog site? surely not?

Marc said...

That's strange!

Darcy said...

It got tagged as spam. I detagged it.