Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pagan Poetry

Ralfi Pagan cooked up a fine brew of latin soul in a recording career that started in 1966. His first 45 was released under the name Ray Paige. His music, often, but not always, in a soul ballad style was particularly well loved by the Chicano community and the low-riders. Tragically his life ended much too young, just four years after the track here was released he was mysteriously killed while on tour in South America.

In the US after his initial release his recording name was always Ralfi Pagan, but it is interesting to note that on this UK 45 he is simply referred to as Ralfi. One can wonder if this was because of the negative connotations – witches and warlocks, even hedonism – that seemed to surround the world of Paganism, and hence the name Pagan. After all The UK record world in the seventies was a strange place with songs being banned from airplay for all sorts of dubious reasons.  

In my part of the world the last few days have brought some welcome sunshine and just an inkling of spring in the air, certainly enough to lift the spirits. This track certainly matches that feeling. 

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drew said...

This is wicked, thanks Darcy