Sunday, September 08, 2013

Summer break over

I had a summer break from blogging, as you may have noticed. It was a conscious decision, and I should have told you I suppose. Anyway, I'm back.

Just a quickie to get things moving again. This one was in a little package the postman delivered today (yes, I know, what was the postie doing delivering on a Sunday?!). 

I have always thought of The Jones Girls as a Philly group - they were on PIR by the time I became aware of them back in the late 70s, their classic "Nights Over Egypt" might be most familiar to some. But Brenda, Valerie, and Shirley hailed from Detroit. Their first recording was issued on Guido Marasco's GM label sometime around 1968-1970.   

This track appeared twice as a B-side on separate Holland-Dozier-Holland run Music Merchant 45s released in 1972: "Come Back" and "Your Love Controls Me". The sound is definitively Motown, with strings that could easily have served as a template for Barry White's sound that also emerged in 1972 with Love Unlimited. I absolutely love the intro on this one.

Jones Girls - You're The Only Bargain I've Got 1972 

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drew said...

That is really good, so much better than Nights Over Egypt. Thanks Darcy.