Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tapping my feet #15

You will have to excuse me for the sporadic posting of late but when the sun shines the blog takes a back seat (it's turned into a proper summer and we are not used to it in Blighty).

Took the morning off today for an emergency trip to the dentist - a front crown broke last Sunday.  - I go private and British dentists are about the most expensive in Europe I believe, so I was prepared for some damage to the wallet. When he said it would be £530 for a replacement I took it in my stride as I had half expected even more. Then the bad news: I have three front crowns, another one also has a crack and, yes you guessed it, it makes sense to replace the good one in the middle too because it is likely to go soon and they are difficult to match (yes, I know, perhaps he saw me coming on that one). You can do the maths. The one good thing about dentists is at least you are sitting down when you hear the bad news.

After that I thought I deserved a quick charity shop trawl to refocus my thoughts. I picked up a few bits including this Shalamar 12". Dating from 1979 I really should have had it in my collection already, I have always been partial to their blend of disco and soul and have most of their other 12" singles from that era. A bargain at 50p (which is about all I can afford now after that trip to the dentist!).

This one sounded good as I was playing it on yet another warm summer's evening with the windows open.  

Shalamar - Right In The Socket 1979

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ana-b said...

Not to diminish the ouch, but in the U.S. a single crown will run you $2000+.

Consider yourself lucky.