Friday, September 27, 2013

Those were the days

It’s now eight months since I bought any records from the States. Back at the start of the year the US Mail postage hike made buying records at the cheap end of the spectrum (where I usually operate!) a whole lot more expensive. I also hear that a much tighter customs regime is resulting in import charges being levied on many more low value packages and now, also, I read about ebay’s “wonderful” global shipping program which can result in even higher shipping costs.  I still browse US listings, but I can’t bring myself to hit the buy button anymore.    

As you can imagine, with my musical tastes, not having USA on the buying map is proving a bit limiting and it’s getting me down.

Today’s record was in my last package to arrive from the US, back in January.  

Nostalgia in more ways than one.

“His New Group” were in fact the new Charms. Otis Williams had to set up a new group after the original Charms decided they no longer wanted his services. Otis wanted to call the new group The Charms and while a law suit was bubbling away over that three 45s were released as “Otis Williams And His New Group”. “That’s Your Mistake” was the last of those three singles, issued in November 1955. It would be re-released soon after as “Otis Williams And The Charms” when the law suit was settled in William’s favour. This information and a whole lot more on Otis Williams And The Charms was found here.


drew said...

I am feeling the same Darcy but a couple of months ago I saw a single which was cheap for what it was but at the top end of my price range so I thought I can just about justify the p&p costs. Howeve when it arrived I was hit with quite steep customs charges meaning the record was no longer a bargain!

George said...

What a good song.