Friday, October 01, 2010

Now forever linked

My perception is that there aren’t so many new music blogs appearing, especially those featuring vinyl. Maybe everybody is decamping to YouTube where vinyl seems to be flourishing. I’m always finding something fresh and old (that makes sense because it’s new to me).

A case in point is Direct Current’s “When It’s Love”. At least that was what the 45 was billed as. I liked it so much I went out and bought my own copy. But when I put it on the turntable I realised that the audio on YouTube was a completely different record – a new twist on a blind buy! But the Direct Current song is great anyway, so result!

Of course then the hunt was on to find out what the audio on that particular YouTube post actually was. All I had to go on were the lyrics which, as far as I could make them out, I googled. To no avail. Then last week, months after this episode, I was randomly reading a thread on Soul-Source and equally randomly hit the play button on a posted track – and there it was the mystery audio identified!

So it is that these two tracks, for me, will be forever linked by more than just their year of release.

Direct Current – When It’s Love  1979

Hiroshima – Never, Ever  1979

Buy Hiroshima  (worth the click just to read the customer reviews!)   

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