Friday, September 24, 2010

Obsessing again

I have a ridiculous new obsession: 45cat

This site aims to catalogue every UK released 45, with full credits and label and cover images. Fortunately, as far as this obsession goes, for what is left of my sanity it seems I have at least as many 45s with the big hole as I do the little one.

Nevertheless I have been dipping into the boxes to see what I can add to the party.
This is one I pulled out that, although documented on 45cat, didn’t have a label image. So I have put that right. It also prompted me to play this record again, and what a delicious double header it is.

Tommie Young only briefly graced the soul scene. A handful of singles and a single album were released on the US Soul Power label between 1972 and 1975. 

In the end a number of factors probably conspired to her remaining very much in the Soul underground – Soul Power was a small label short on marketing muscle in the increasingly major label dominated 70s, Disco was dawning, and in reality Tommie’s heart appeared to remain in the church. She soon returned to gospel music.    

Contempo (don’t you just love that Contempo sleeve?) picked up two of her Soul Power 45s for release in the UK and this is my favourite.  

Tommie Young – That’s All A Part Of Loving Him  1973

Tommie Young – She Don’t Have To See You  1973


davyh said...

Just had a quick peep at 45Cat - crikey: that's you set for the winter then...!

Anonymous said...

A passion is always fun and fun must have been there for you on that (quite well made) website!
Thanks for Ms Tommie Young.

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