Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here come the girls #2

Irma Thomas in Muscle Shoals – a potent brew.

Rick Hall’s studio was the hot destination in the late Sixties.But having set up a seemingly perfect marriage Chess only released three singles from the sessions and left the rest in the can. Irma soon moved on. As they say: go figure.

Of the three singles this one was the only one to dent the Billboard charts, reaching #42 R&B in February ’68.

Twenty-odd years after the event Irma’s all too brief Muscle Shoals excursion was finally released on CD by MCA/Chess in 1990. Now here we are another 20 years later and that CD – Something Good: The Muscle Shoals Sessions” is itself very hard to find (at least at a reasonable price). 

It shouldn’t be so hard to hear great music.

Irma Thomas – Good To Me 1968

Irma Thomas – We Got Something Good 1968

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Raggedy said...

Oh my! This is an absolutely wonderful song ... Thaks for sharing.