Friday, October 22, 2010

Here come the girls #3

Both sides of this storming 45 have domestic references and I can guarantee it will get you dancing around the kitchen table.

Georgia Soul has featured this single before (and a great picture of Delia), and you can also get the lowdown on Dee Dee (Delia) here.

Putting two and two together from a post at In Dangerous Rhythm (can't find it now to link to!) I could suggest that it is Freddie Terrell on guitar and it may have been recorded in the Sound Pit in Atlanta.

I paid very little for this record but I have seen it commands a good price on eBay, though my copy differs from pretty much all the scans I have ever seen of this record in that there are numerous small differences in the label detail. Those scans are all of promo releases though, but could this be a second issue or pressing? Then again I always wonder why such an obscure record would justify such a thing?

Who cares. Enjoy!

Dee Dee Gartrell - I Must Be Doing Something Right 1969?

Dee Dee Gartrell - If You Got What It Takes 1969?

PS: You may have noticed the fonts and font sizes on my posts have been a bit variable lately. Truth is Blogger seems to have a mind of its own in this area when I use copy/paste. In the end I chose a standard Blogger font for this one - Georgia - which is certainly appropriate here. 

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