Friday, October 09, 2009

Parish Notices #7

It was one of those weeks. Both of our chicks disappeared off to University so we were temporarily buried under piles of transient belongings. The chaos then continued in the empty nest as we had all the windows in our house replaced. Diana Ross’ “Upside Down” and the Jackson Five’s “Lookin’ Through The Windows” would have been obvious tracks to play in the circumstances, but we all know those well enough already I think. Nothing else with a topical title immediately springs to mind and, anyway, that was last week.

So where did this week go? I’m not sure to be honest. But I do know last night I saw Eilen Jewell and her band at St. Bonaventures (a cosy local church/school social club buried in the middle of a maze of residential streets in Bristol. They consistently attract acts that represent the best of the Americana scene and I often wonder what these performers think when they turn up at St. Bons – once they’ve finally found it of course!).

Eilen and her band were hugely enjoyable with their mix of folk (as a rule I can’t abide the “full on” English variety, but American is OK), country, blues, rockabilly, and even a touch of jazz. Eilen has a great personality too, and struck up a real rapport with the crowd – I love her sense of humour. Truth be told after this performance I think I love her full stop! If the Eilen Jewell Band are appearing in a town near you soon, don’t miss them!

I should also leave you with something in a soul vein for the weekend. Here’s something I picked up recently that has an obvious country link (don’t tell me you don’t know “Jolene”). Gloria Ann Taylor was just plain Gloria Taylor in the late Sixties/early Seventies when she cut some straight up Soul/R&B singles on a variety of labels. One of those labels was Glo-Whiz. A great name, I’ve always thought, and it has just dawned on me how it came about because it transpires that Gloria Taylor was(is still?) married to the producer/arranger Walter Whisenhunt. Walt was an ever present credit on Gloria Taylor’s singles and , I’m guessing, was the genius behind the altogether more weird and off the wall (one could go as far as to say disturbing) arrangements on her later Seventies Selector Sound outings. (I thank Soul Sides for tipping me to this link which features a very rare 12” from the wonderful couple).

Gloria Ann Taylor - Jolene 197?


Anonymous said...

Great take on a great song. Thanks. W.

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could you post the (better) other side, "music"? thanks