Friday, October 30, 2009

counting down

"Mrs Darce" is 50 today!

We're having a party.

Guests due to arrive in 2 hours time (except for those still stuck on the M25!).

Here's something to ease us gently into the proceedings...

... and something that will be perfect for about 4 o'clock tomorrow morning!

Little Beaver - Get Into The Party Life 1975

(Music delivery at the party will be very retro - vinyl in the geeks' room and CD and cassette(!) is set up in the kitchen. Not an Ipod in sight.)


Davy H said...

Oh all the best people will be flitting twixt cassette and vinyl.

Happy Birthday Mrs Darce! x

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Thank you Darcy, as ever a lot of good stuff on your fantastic blog!

This is our new address, hoping the definitive.....:

Thank you