Friday, November 06, 2009

coming to you live! recorded highlights

Was Mrs Darce's party a week ago already? Time passes at warp speed once you reach 50 it seems.

So the plan was, with the party in full swing, I would press the publish button and give you a post entitled "coming to you live!". Nice idea, but it wasn't to be. Too busy chatting to old friends - and burning up the (kitchen) dance floor (ha! ha!). A good time was had by all and we got the milk in before we went to bed!

Truth is the suddenly darker nights seem to have made me very lethargic these past few days. So to be very lazy I will simply offer you up the post I had originally intended for last Friday, original wording and all.

If you're reading this I have managed to press the publish button during Mrs Darce's party!

I must point out that is not Mrs. Darce in the picture ( - but that does give me an idea!)

This was a boot sale purchase last week for 50p. Well scratched and a couple of jumps along the way but it all adds to the atmosphere.

This track has survived very well though.

Upsetters - Live Injection 1969

(From "Tighten Up Volume 2")

The song title retains its relevance right now as I think I need a live injection to banish my lethargy.


Raggedy said...

All is good as long as you still can find the button to press ...

Did the injection work?

Darcy said...

Ha ha! Raggedy - so true.

And, yes the injection worked. Now, if my football team can win an important match today I will be on a positive high!

ally. said...

it's a darned lethargic time of year indeed - i've been struggling to stop yawning by about 7.30 all dark and beddy. i'll save this tune till then and hope it's powers wake me up a bit.