Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Feel it Advent-ure 2021: Door 11

A car boot find from earlier in the year. This is only the second time I have found a record on the Amalgamated label. You can read about my previous Amalgamated find, from 11 years ago (almost to the day!), here. So this time I knew for sure what I was looking at – a reggae single from the golden age, my heart leapt, and I knew it was probably one that was worth a few bob. It was almost the last I came to a whole stack of mostly mundane 60s and 70s pop 45s, and it was the only reggae record in the stack. I wasn't the first to the booter but got the impression I was the first to look through this stack of singles. It seems albums are more of a draw for the diggers, especially at this particular booter, and you have to be more hard core to look through a whole stack of unpromising looking singles many of which were sleeveless. My dedication to the cause payed off. As you can see in the picture there are the usual condition issues that come with the territory, but who cares.

As was the case with many reggae and ska records from the 60s the lyrics are, shall we say, more than a little fruity. Sometimes the Jamaican patois needs some deciphering, but in this case we are soon left in no doubt about the Soul Sisters wishes. If you are easily offended I suggest you don't click play!

TheSoul Sisters – Wreck A Buddy 1969

(Apparently the title is patois for bang a body).

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