Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sound as a Bell

Harking back to last year again. A few months ago I featured an O’Jays 45 from their pre PIR days when they were on Bell. Finding that record prompted me to look out for some of their other Bell 45s. This one came along recently (from ebay at a nice car bootyesque price) and it is another one with two strong sides.

If it was an unknown group on a tiny label I’m sure it would garner more interest on the Northern scene, and a commensurately higher price. Lucky for me, as someone who baulks at paying a high price for a record, Bell were, I believe, nationally distributed so there will be quite a few of these singles knocking around still. Even so, it does seem fairly obscure.

(Incidentally, I must admit I do get a bit miffed when a 45 gets a big price tag because one side attracts the Northern buyers and I want it for a vastly superior deep soul track on the flip, a flip in many cases the Northern fan will not even have played.)

The O’Jays were quality, pure and simple. 

Why not buy the CD The Bell Sessions 1967-1969 (a bit pricey I grant you).

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George said...

That's Alright is a fine fine track. Don't You Know puts me in mind of the Temptatioons, it sounds very like Psychedelis Shack.