Friday, January 23, 2015


Last month’s frenzy of posts seems like a distant memory. I’m still here, just in my usual January state – semi-hibernation. I don’t watch much TV normally but at this time of year I seem happy to sink into the sofa and watch whatever is being served up. I have even squarer eyes than usual this month too as we have finally arrived in the 21st century and bought a new TV. It’s smart, it’s in HD, it’s 40ins. We are also now a two Sonos family. The latest Sonos purchase came with a free 12 month subscription to Deezer premium, and now it seems I can find and play just about any music I can think of at a quick scroll on the smartphone. Get us! It’s almost technology overload.   

As a result the record room has had little attention this last couple of weeks but I am now starting to get vinyl withdrawal symptoms so it’s time to fire up the turntable again.

Lynn White was behind door #9 of last month’s Advent-ure. Picking up that record left me wanting to find more of Lynn’s work and getting a copy of this 45 is the initial result of my forays. This is her version of an Earl Randle song first performed by Syl  Johnson back in 1972 (and I think Syl's version has made an appearance on Feel It). The feel is familiar on Lynn’s version as once again it is Willie Mitchell on production. It was released on Willie’s own label, Waylo, around 1985. Being on Willie's own label he will have been able to have total control of production and I'm betting this is the reason the dreaded Eighties synthesisers are buried deep and remarkably (and thankfully) subtle on this track. And I’ll say it again – Lynn can sing!

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drew said...

The only thing I have by her is See You Later Bye also on Waylo. A bit of a floater and as you say she can sing