Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Skank Holiday

It seems my local pubs are featuring more and more ska and soul music on their music nights. I wonder is this a trend across the country? Next month a local rugby club is putting on a weekend ska festival and this weekend one of my locals had a ska weekend. Friday night featured  Ska Train, a mobile disco that seems to be going from strength to strength. They play roughly 50/50 vinyl and CD, mostly the more well known sounds. They are booked solid for the rest of the year apparently. (I had attended their gig at my local of locals the previous week). On Saturday it was live ska from local band The Great Eskape. This one I did attend, and very good they were. Last night I was there again for a vinyl fest from My Friend Jack (who is, in fact, Sean).  More ska, and plenty of top notch soul too.  Today we (Mrs Darce arrived back from her travels in the early hours) did our normal Bank Holiday thing, i.e. not a lot. A lie in and then some general pottering in the garden. The soundtrack to this general pottering (at least some of it) was..more ska! Lauren on BBC 6Music played about 30 minutes of back to back ska and reggae which she dubbed (ha!) her Skank Holiday mix. It has certainly been a Skank holiday for me.   
I have been rapidly approaching a crisis of confidence on the boot fair front. After a reasonable start to the season the last few weeks have been barren – I do get to them early nowadays too, but quite probably still not early enough. Or are rekkids drying up? Sunday's trawl restored some confidence, but only some. I bagged this little selection from a dealer who occasionally puts in an appearance at a boot fair. Boxes and boxes of singles at 50p with always a fair chance of picking up something worthwhile, accepting the fact that they may have some condition issues. But hey, they’re only 50p after all. Now if the private sellers could just oblige by bringing some records along too everything will be OK again.

In this little haul there are actually four reggae singles. Here’s one of them.


drew said...

looks like quite a good haul Darcy.

Not a lot of boot sale in my area, well none to be exact, unfortunately.

george said...

a version of the Wynonie Harris, well Hank Penny, song, excellent.

Darcy said...

Thanks for that info George, I didn't know and hadn't done any research. I have now. Found the lyrics. Great song.

To think it started out as a country song in 1950. From country to reggae in 25 years.