Friday, May 09, 2014

Cutting through the years

I’m getting huge enjoyment out of my little haul of scruffy but playable 45s from the booter last weekend. Here’s another from the pile, and I plan to share more in the coming days. It’s a good job I found these because I’m finding it’s generally a vinyl desert out there in the wild currently. I’m empty handed today after my usual Friday pm trawl of the chazzas – again.

Here are two great sides of early Sixties Detroit from Lee Rogers. This record climbed to 17 in the Billboard R&B charts in early 1965 and was Lee’s only real hit.

To think, this 45 is just about 50 years old! It started life in a pressing plant somewhere in the US. Was it bought from a little corner record shop – possibly in a then vibrant Detroit – way back then, it’s sale contributing to the #17 chart position? Or did it languish unsold, and unloved for years in a warehouse somewhere?  Certainly, JA, whoever he or she may be, acquired it at some point and coveted it so much they marked their initials on it.  When, I wonder, did it make its way across the pond to the UK? And how long had it been hiding in the dealer’s box I pulled it out of in a field just outside Bath? Things like this always go through my mind when I find an old 45, especially an old Soul 45. 

Whatever its history it has obviously been around the block a bit, and graced a few turntables I would think. Nevertheless the recording is a loud one and the sound of early Detroit still cuts through the general wear and tear, and the years. 

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