Friday, May 02, 2014


The kitchen decorating goes on. The cabinets need to coats of paint. It feel a bit like painting the Forth road bridge. On top of that Mrs Darce is currently on her annual jaunt to Turkey with her bestest friend to see her friend’s mother. This means I have to do other things like cook,  food shop, wash and iron clothes. At this time I realise just how much time these basic tasks take up, and how much I appreciate Mrs Darce.

So, little or no time for blogging.

Here’s a quicky. The Canyon label’s last ever release - #54 – in 1970. I have just bought this and when I put it on the deck earlier today I would bet it was the first time it had ever been played. It looks absolutely mint. Appearances can be deceiving though. On close inspection there are some bubbles and general rubbish in the pressing, a common problem with US vinyl in the early 70s. So, although I am sure it is the first time it has graced a turntable, this 45 does have some play issues – the nasty thwop thwop near the end of the B side for example. Never mind.

These tracks are both from Doris Duke’s revered I’m A Loser album I believe. I was familiar with the B side, but not The Feeling Is Right. I love this. The simple piano motif and the strings make the arrangement just irresistible.  

Note: you might not want to listen to the B side straightaway, it might spoil your Friday night. Deep almost to the point of mournful.  But it is great anyway, so set aside some other time.


drew said...

I've got quite a few singles like that look great but sound pretty bad.

I love Doris Duke, especially I Don't Care Anymore

Darcy said...

Yes, I Don't Care Anymore Is my favourite of hers too.

george said...

Great B-side.

Anonymous said...